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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pellowah?

Pellowah is a powerful, yet gentle, form of energy healing that works on a deep level to enhance your spiritual growth and connection to your true self. It helps to shift your consciousness and expand your awareness.

How does Pellowah work?

Pellowah works by connecting you to a higher level of consciousness, allowing for a deep sense of inner peace, clarity, and empowerment. The practitioner acts as a channel for this high vibrational energy, which then flows to the recipient, facilitating healing and transformation.

What can I expect during a Pellowah session?

During a Pellowah session, you will typically lie down comfortably, fully clothed, while the practitioner channels the energy. The experience is often described as deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, with some people experiencing insights, emotional release, or physical sensations.

Is Pellowah suitable for everyone?

Yes, Pellowah is safe and suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. It can complement traditional medical treatments and therapies but should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.


How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed varies from person to person and depends on individual goals and needs. Some people experience profound shifts after just one session, while others may benefit from a series of sessions to address specific issues or goals.


Can Pellowah be done remotely?

Yes, Pellowah can be conducted remotely, allowing for sessions to be performed from the comfort of your own home. Distance is not a barrier for energy healing, as the practitioner can connect energetically with you regardless of physical location.


Is Pellowah affiliated with any religion or belief system?

No, Pellowah is not affiliated with any particular religion or belief system. It is a non-denominational form of energy healing that respects and honours individual beliefs and spiritual paths.


How do I prepare for a Pellowah session?

It is recommended to come to the session with an open mind and heart, allowing yourself to be receptive to the healing energy. You may also want to drink plenty of water before and after the session to support the energy flow in your body.


How is Pellowah different from Reiki?

Pellowah and Reiki are distinct energy healing modalities, each with its own purpose and approach. Pellowah primarily focuses on shifting individual consciousness, working on the mind and spirit connection rather than the physical body. It is particularly effective for conditions with psychosomatic roots, addressing the underlying causes rather than balancing symptoms. In contrast, Reiki tends to create a sense of harmony and relaxation in the physical body, working with earthly energies. Pellowah sessions may result in a more active experience, with shifts in mindset and perception occurring in the hours and days following the session.

What is meant by different energy vibrations/frequencies?

Energy modalities such as Pellowah and Reiki operate on different frequencies or vibrations, akin to the colors of a rainbow. Each frequency serves a specific purpose, much like different colors evoke different feelings. For instance, red is associated with grounding and energy, while violet is linked to spiritual awareness. Similarly, Reiki works with earthly energies, while Pellowah operates on a lighter, finer frequency connected with consciousness and spirit.

It's important to note that both modalities are valuable and serve their respective purposes. The choice between them depends on the individual's goals and needs.

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