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What is Pellowah?

Pellowah is a spiritual healing technique developed in Australia by Kachina Ma'an, focusing on mental and spiritual growth rather than physical healing. The term "Pellowah" means "radical shift in consciousness," aiming to help individuals achieve a higher energetic vibration for profound personal and spiritual development. Unlike traditional healing methods that often involve physical touch, Pellowah is performed without contact, working on enhancing mental clarity, emotional well-being, and a deeper connection with one's higher self. It can be done in person or as a distance healing, making it versatile. Those who experience Pellowah often report significant positive changes in their life perspective and an increased openness to new experiences. It's particularly suited for people looking for personal growth or spiritual advancement.

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The History of  Pellowah

How Pellowah came into existence

In 2003, a groundbreaking form of energy healing was brought to life through the visions and spiritual guidance received by Kachina Ma’an, an Australian spiritual teacher. Named Pellowah, an angelic term meaning "Radical Shift in Consciousness," this technique was destined to awaken the hearts and minds of humanity. Unlike anything before, Pellowah emerged as a pure, direct light transmission aimed at enhancing our spiritual connection, intuition, and inner strength.


The Journey Begins

Pellowah was channeled with a clear purpose: to catalyze profound change and elevate the consciousness of individuals ready for their spiritual awakening. It is a testament to the power of spiritual evolution, providing a pathway for people to access higher states of awareness and realize their true potential.


The Essence of Pellowah

What sets Pellowah apart is its foundational belief that healing and transformation come from within, focusing on expanding consciousness rather than directly addressing physical symptoms. This technique connects and activates all 12 strands of DNA, aligns the meridians, and opens the channels for unimpeded energy flow, setting the stage for profound personal growth and enlightenment.

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The Pellowah 12 DNA Explanation

Kachina, the originator of Pellowah, invites us to picture ourselves as a house with 12 rooms, but only two of them are equipped with electrical wiring and thus have power.

This means we can only live in and experience these two rooms.

However, consider the possibilities if all 12 rooms were electrified.

Our capacity to experience and explore as humans would increase dramatically.

But, there's a slight complication: it's not possible to supply power to a room without wiring, and merely installing the wiring isn't sufficient. The electricity must be actively conducted through these wires.

Pellowah assists with the initial step of this process, installing the wiring. It then becomes our responsibility, through practices like energy work and meditation, to activate the electricity in these newly wired rooms.

Once we achieve this, we unlock access to a wealth of new experiences that would have remained inaccessible without the necessary wiring in place.

Pellowah Sessions

Booking a Pellowah session is a personal choice that can offer a unique pathway to spiritual growth and transformation. It's an opportunity to explore deeper aspects of your being and to initiate significant changes in your life and consciousness.

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