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Thank you, Gem. It was a beautiful experience to receive the Pellowah treatment with you. I felt lots of energy throughout my body - though it was subtle. It is unusual for me to feel energy in a treatment like this, which made it all the more delightful. Maybe new ground is being broken. Also, I experienced a pretty cool perspective shift (felt the precious brevity of my life that is profoundly minuscule relative to the whole) which I appreciate very much. Also lots of gratitude bubbled up -- unbidden. I did not fall asleep, I was quite deeply relaxed. The time flew by. It kind of reminded me of being suspended in a floating tank, as a feeling of gentle buoyancy arose about halfway through. Floating on air. I loved that. I trust there is more to come. Thanks so much again.

March 2024 

Jim B Ireland

"After training in various healing modalities with different practitioners, I met Gem during Pellowah training. As part of our training, we exchanged treatments and held space for each other. I was fortunate to be partnered with Gem and receive Pellowah from her. Since then, I've been receiving regular sessions from Gem. I highly recommend her. Her support, knowledge, and experience have greatly aided my personal development, and I eagerly anticipate continuing my journey with Gem."
March 2024

MG Indiana

Oh Gem - this is amazing... It's just percolating up inside me, realizations and gentle nudges... An acknowledgement that I do have trauma inside me and I don't need to worry about it, just be with it as it comes up... Also am feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the work I have been doing and to recognize the ways in which I have been "doing a good job"... Authenticity, honesty, ease... Oh - I wish I could talk with you so you would know how much I appreciate the help and guidance!

Feb 2024

merkaba with purple pastel colours and chakras light energy.jpg

Thomas B, Ireland

I feel a lot better than I have had in a long time and owe alot of this to you especially with the healing you have given me.. So grateful to you for this because I was going through torture in my mind only recently.. Thank you so much.. You should be a life coach Gem.. You could help alot of sad souls out there with your knowledge and techniques.. Praise be to you Gem

March 2024

Caroline S ,Ireland

Session with the beautiful Gemma I have had the honour of having an amazing pellowah session with Gemma. She is kind and caring and is extremely flexible with organising a time for your session that is good for you. Throughout the session I felt relaxed and calm and felt a heat sensation throughout my body I also received clarity on a situation that had been going on for a while and I now know what I need to do going forward with this situation. Since having the pellowah session I have had a clearer head and know what the next steps on my journey are. This is all thanks to Gemma and Pellowah I highly recommend Gemma and having a Pellowah session with her Thank you so much Gemma I will definitely be having another session

March 2024

Lynn, USA

Hey Gem,

Thank you so much! That was surprisingly powerful—first a pleasurable following of the flow and buzz, then a more concentrated and intense shorter period, then a sweet, light period for maybe the last 15 or 20 minutes.


I appreciate the instructions and all your kind attention and care for this first experience with Pellowah.


February 2024

merkaba with purple pastel colours and chakras light energy.jpg
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Vicky K, London

"After doing a remote Pellowah healing session with Gem I was astounded by the profound impact it had on my overall well-being. For years, I struggled with emotional blockages and a sense of disconnection from my true self. However, post-Pellowah, I experienced a remarkable shift in my energy and consciousness. I felt lighter, more vibrant, and an undeniable sense of clarity and purpose began to emerge. My relationships improved, and I found myself more present and engaged in my daily life. The practitioner was incredibly skilled and created a safe, nurturing environment that facilitated deep healing and personal growth. I am immensely grateful for this transformative experience and highly recommend Pellowah to anyone seeking profound spiritual and emotional healing."

January 2024

Jenny C, Ireland

Embracing the Gentle Waves of Pellowah Energy In the midst of our hectic lives, finding moments of tranquility becomes essential. Today, I want to share a bit of the magic that Pellowah energy has brought into my journey towards holistic well-being. Pellowah has become my sanctuary, a quiet space where the energy flows gracefully, weaving balance and peace into my days. Whether you're new to energy healing or have been on this path, I invite you to explore the gentle waves of Pellowah.

Thank you ,you are a real 'GEM'

December 2023

Paula M, Spain

"My child, always a bundle of nerves and easily distracted, was undergoing a rough patch, and traditional approaches weren't cutting it. We ventured into an online Pellowah session, albeit a bit skeptically, especially since it was to happen while they were asleep—a concept new to us. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Post-session, my child exuded a newfound calmness and focus that was palpable. Even in sleep, it seemed the Pellowah energy reached and worked its wonders, soothing their anxieties and sharpening their attention span. The practitioner navigated the session with utmost sensitivity, ensuring a comforting and secure environment, even in our absence. This experience has opened us up to the profound possibilities of healing and personal growth through Pellowah, making it an essential part of our child's care regimen."

November 2023

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