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Pellowah Energy Healing

Updated: Mar 24

I first heard of Pellowah Healing from one of our members on our zoom meditation group, she had attended the Pellowah Level 1 and 2 workshop in Dublin Ireland and was raving about how amazing it was. I did not really pay to much attention as it sort of sounded a little bit like Reiki, and having done Reiki Level 1 and 2 and never really followed it up, I just thought to myself ah its just another healing modality, there seems to be loads of them out there and healing was just not my thing.

Later that night I became lucid in a dream and noticed I was standing over a woman performing what appeared to be healing on her, I noticed my hands were a few inches away from her body and they were moving in different directions. I then noticed a visible energy swirling around me and the woman, there seemed to be two energies one was blue and the other was a pink colour. I was the told that what I was performing was Pellowah Energy Healing.

The next morning I remember thinking that was a really strange dream and did not pay it too much attention, but then the following night I had three separate dreams one after the other all about Pellowah Healing, the following day I said to my self hey, is the universe trying to tell me something? Then on the third night I experienced another Pellowah related dream. The next morning I woke up and said that I needed to book to go on the Pellowah workshop. So I booked it and paid the fee and from that day on the Pellowah dreams stopped.

That was until two nights before the workshop, I again became lucid in a dream where I was lay on a table and was being prepared by a woman to get ready to receive the Pellowah, its seemed this was some sort of energy work that was going on to prepare my energy body before the Workshop. The woman was working on my Chakras and told me that it was to have my system made ready for the rise of Kundalini which would be moving through the Chakra system. Having already experienced a full Kundalini awakening I spoke out to her and mentioned this, she seemed a bit confused and told me she would go check this out with someone in a higher position. She walked across the room and picked up a telephone and begin speaking to someone else, I could hear whispering "This guy has already had a full Kundalini awakening, what shall I do, he does n't need the preparation" She talked a bit more on the phone before hanging up and came back over to me. She said we did not need to do any more but told me something about Pellowah, she said that Pellowah is very similar to Christ Consciousness. I remember waking up and thinking, wow, what a crazy dream.

So two days later I attended the Pellowah Energy Healing workshop in Dublin Ireland, It was a small group, I think originally it was to be eight people attending but two had cancelled and there were only six of us that were attending. It was a two day event done over a weekend, Saturday was Level 1 and and Sunday was level 2. The first half of the Saturday was mainly a lecture on Pellowah, what it was, what it was not, how it could be given etc... The second half of the day we received the Level 1 attunement which was given by Julie Parker, I found this very powerful but also found it a very familiar energy, I remember thinking to myself that it felt very similar to Shaktipat (which I have received on a number of occasions). After the attunements we were allowed give Pellowah to one another. We took turns giving and receiving the Pellowah healing. I received the healing first and found it very powerful, I drifted off and saw visions and experienced corrupted files being removed from my system.

After my session I then got to give Pellowah healing to another attendee, I stood over her while she lay on the massage table and placed my hands out in front of me. I called on the energy and soon after I started to feel my hands want to move by themselves, at first my right hand started to make small figure of eight motions and then they just went into a divine dance, all the while I kept my eyes shut. The energy started to work through me and guide me as to where to move and what to do. Also while giving the healing I also felt as if I was receiving the energy, the entire session was most enjoyable and I felt like I was also receiving a healing.

Day two's attunement was connecting to our higher selves and was 10 times the strength of the Level 1 attunment. We first got to give and receive Pellowah treatments to one another which was really powerful. We received the level 2 attunement later in the evening, again these were given by Julie and she placed her hands near our heads and went around us one by one opening us up to connect to our higher selves. This last attunement was so powerful I could really feel its effects and by this stage the Pellowah energy had become extremely palpable in the room and I felt very spaced out.

After the workshop had ended we all sat around in a circle just about to get ready to leave, I took out my phone and the first message I saw pop up was from a man called Nirmala, Nirmala and his wife Gina Lake both run a website called Endless Satsang and Gina is a channel for Jesus and has written a number of books all directed by Jesus. They also run a twice weekly Zoom gathering where they both channel the Christ Consciousness Transmission which I have attended many a time and always found it so powerful. Nirmala had asked if I would like to join them every Sunday in helping to give the Christ Consciousness Transmission. I immediately thought back to the dream I had a few nights before when I was told that Pellowah was very similar to Christ Consciousness, it seemed like the Pellowah was already working its magic in so many ways. I went home and replied to their offer saying I was more than happy to be part of such an amazing event. If you would like to take part in the Christ Consciousness Transmission you can attend it every Sunday at 19:00 UK and Ireland time by clicking on the link above

In the next few weeks, I quickly began to see a surge in clients seeking Pellowah Healing. Every single person who has experienced Pellowah through my sessions has been astounded by its powerful impact and the swift onset of its benefits. While I have cherished the opportunity to provide this transformative healing, I have decided to shift my focus to other areas of spiritual and personal growth.

For those still interested in experiencing the profound effects of Pellowah Healing, I am delighted to recommend Gem, a skilled practitioner who continues to offer Pellowah sessions. Gem provides one-to-one Pellowah Healing, available both remotely to clients worldwide and in-person for those in Ireland able to visit.

To explore Pellowah Healing sessions with Gem or to learn more about this powerful modality, please visit her website at Gem's expertise and dedication to Pellowah Healing will ensure you receive the transformative experience you're seeking.

If you would like to receive a healing from Gem you can book a session on her website or email me directly on If you would like to read more on Pellowah please click here.

Blog by Gareth Duignam

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