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The Gentle Power of Pellowah Healing for Children

What is Pellowah Healing?

Pellowah Healing is an energetic healing technique focusing on the mind, body, and spirit, promoting feelings of well-being, peace, and positivity. It uniquely addresses the root cause of personal and emotional issues, fostering profound and lasting changes.Understanding the Essence of Pellowah Healing

Pellowah Healing isn't merely about alleviating symptoms or providing temporary relief; it's about catalysing a radical shift in consciousness. The word "Pellowah" itself, derived from an angelic source, embodies the concept of transformative change. Originating in 2003 through the channeling of Australian spiritual teacher Kachina Ma'an, Pellowah Healing has since captivated seekers of spiritual awakening and inner metamorphosis worldwide.

A Remote Transformation

The Gentle Power of Pellowah Healing for Children

In our fast-paced world, children face stress, anxiety, and challenges that impact their well-being. Pellowah Healing offers a gentle, effective way to support their holistic health, uniquely suitable for remote sessions, even as they sleep.

Emotional Balance: Pellowah clears emotional blockages, aiding in emotional health and stability, essential for children who may struggle with expressing themselves.

Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem: Observations often reveal a noticeable boost in children's confidence and self-esteem post-session, attributed to an enhanced internal connection.

Enhanced Learning Abilities: By aligning energy centres, Pellowah can improve concentration and mental clarity, aiding in academic performance.

Improved Sleep Patterns: A common benefit is deeper, more restful sleep, crucial for physical and mental development.

Support During Transitional Phases: Pellowah provides energetic support, helping children adapt more easily to life's changes, from school transitions to family dynamics.

Why Remote Pellowah Healing is Perfect for Children

Remote Pellowah sessions are as effective as in-person sessions, with the added advantage of being conducted in the child's most comfortable environment. This method is particularly beneficial as it can be ideally done while the child is asleep, ensuring they are in a state of relaxation and openness to healing, without any need for physical interaction. This non-invasive approach respects the child's personal space and comfort, making it an excellent option for children of all ages.

Preparing Your Child for a Remote Pellowah Session

Create a Comfortable Space: Ensure a quiet, comfy area for your child to sleep undisturbed.

Explain the Process: Simply share how Pellowah can help them, emphasizing they can sleep through the session.

Stay Open to Their Experience: Encourage sharing their feelings post-session, reinforcing that all experiences are valid.

Endless Possibilities Podcast: Pellowah Healing with Julie Parker


Pellowah Healing is a powerful tool in supporting children's well-being, aiding them to navigate life's complexities with confidence. Its unique advantage of being conducted remotely, ideally while the child is asleep, makes it a convenient and effective choice for many families.

Explore the benefits of Pellowah Healing for your child. Visit for more information and to book a session click here.

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